Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching provides the space for you as a leader to deepen your awareness of self and others, communicate from a place of clarity and make leadership decisions that are not always comfortable.

A regular mindfulness practice builds the skills of clarity, concentration and equanimity. These core mindfulness skills help you to get clear about what your experience is as it’s unfolding in the moment (clarity), allow you to choose where to focus or place your attention while your experience is happening (concentration), and strengthen your ability to be present during good and negative experiences (equanimity).

A benefit of practicing mindfulness is having a deeper awareness of yourself as a leader and those you lead, so that you can purposely choose how you want to react or take action in any given situation. You also strengthen your ability to distinguish between priorities, and see issues and opportunities beyond the haze of emotion or bias. When a real crisis occurs, you are able to draw upon your mindfulness skills to bring a calm, grounded approach to the moment and the team around you.

Examples of coaching services include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation coaching for leaders who want to communicate from a place of clarity and purpose
  • Individual or group workshops to develop mindfulness skills that support resilience in senior leadership and team management
  • Training programs for individuals or groups working in corporate communications, public relations, marketing, sales or other disciplines throughout the organization to learn skills that prevent burnout, strengthen internal and external customer service, and boost productivity
  • Mindfulness skills to nurture empathy and insight as a team leader

Coaching sessions and workshops are available in person and virtually through Zoom meetings. To set up a free consultation, email me at kenneth@centeredcommunicators.com.


Kenneth is a Certified Mindfulness Coach in the Unified Mindfulness System.